Welcome to Prescription Network

Who We Are 

Prescription Network has provided a comprehensive range of prescription benefit management services since 1985. We work with many types of client groups, including private employers, third party administrators, brokers, managed care organizations, hospice organizations and group funded accident and sickness pools (just to name a few). We manage all aspects of your prescription drug benefit. Service, to both our clients and our members, is our highest priority.

For the Client 

We work directly with clients to design the prescription drug benefit that meets your needs, both in terms of cost control and appropriate coverage for your members. We monitor the plan, handle all contact with the pharmacies, handle program questions from members, provide detailed reporting/analysis and suggest plan design modifications when necessary. We work closely with our clinical partner Restat to bring our clients enhanced clinical and report options which expand cost management opportunities. 

For the Member

Whenever you have a question about your prescription benefit, contact the Prescription Network office and we will address it for you. Whether it is a question on copay, coverage of a medication, how to be reimbursed … our staff is here to assist you. Our phones are answered by a person, so you will not get stuck in an automated phone system. Service to our members is of the greatest importance to us.

Members are only covered through a group program with Prescription Network (we do not have programs that allow us to contract with patients directly).

Contact Us

If you have questions, please feel free to call the Prescription Network office at 1-800-279-3022. Or, you may click on the “Contact Us” button above to send us an email. We look forward to serving you!

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